Friday, March 23, 2012

Going Out

Sepia Saturday theme this week is Going Out. I can hear my grandmother's voice in my head saying, "Oh! Look at me in that number!" or "That was some garb I was wearing!" and laughing. And that IS some garb she has on in the first picture! It was taken around 1929 when she was about 14. My grandmother was named Phoebe Frances Whitfield after her Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Frances. Apparently, when she was a little girl, she liked playing with the pig, whose name was Betty. Her siblings started calling her Pig Betty and eventually, Betty stuck. She's with her older brother, Sam in the second picture.

Betty Whitfield, Alex Lucas and Ethel c1929. Probably near Valliant, OK

Sam Whitfield and Betty Whitfield c1931

Here Betty is with a friend and with my grandfather, Lewis Moore.

By the time the pictures below were taken, Betty and my mom had moved to California.

Sandra Moore and Betty Whitfield Moore c1947 Nita Jones and Betty

Into the 50s -- Here, Betty is the one wearing glasses. She's beside her sister, Dell who has the white earrings. Dell's husband, Harold Bates, was a fireman and everyone is ready to go to the Fireman's Ball. Harold is the fireman on the left. My mother, Sandra, is the rightmost girl and she was about 13 when this was taken in 1956 in Fresno, CA.

Both of my grandmothers attended my brother's 8th grade graduation in Page, AZ in 1986.

Treasa Hall Riley, John Whitfield Riley, Betty Whitfield Moore Vedder May 1986

And just a couple pictures of me and my dad ready to go somewhere.

Margaret and John Riley about 1966, Cambria, CA Margaret and John Riley c1972, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. I love looking at old family photos - the first of Betty's dresses is, um, "original"? And just look at those fur hats and coats! One of my grannies had a fur coat which was very similar. By the way, you linked to an older post on the Sepia Saturday widget. Jo :-)

  2. These are a splendid family record of great evenings and days out. I love all the different outfits, but that first one of you and your dad is lovely.

  3. You have reminded me I don't have many shots of me with my daughter - I shall have to remedy that.
    Great fur coats.

  4. That's a nice group of photos. The one with the palm tree and fur coats is a real classic.

  5. Enjoyed seeing your old family photos. The black & white picture of you and your dad is especially sweet. :)

  6. These are great going out photos. I especially like the fur coats in the tropical shot.

  7. Okay, now I want to see the pig.

    Wonderful time progression.

  8. I love the story of how Betty got her name. This is a wonderful timeline of "going out" photos.

  9. Another set of great photographs and a post that is a pleasure to read. Old family photographs are fascinating in the way that they offer insights into ordinary history.

  10. Oh, these are precious! I loved seeing you and your family. Thanks so much,

    Kathy M.

  11. What great photos! Thanks for sharing,

  12. You didn't mention the "rambler" in the Phoenix pic, great car, took us lots of places, too bad it didn't have air conditioning and we had to use squirt bottles.
    The one of the fireman's ball was taken in "auntie's house" did you see the picture of "uncle Harold" on the wall?

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    Regards, Jim
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  14. Great family photos. I think that firemen's ball would have been fun - and what great dresses.

  15. A great collection of pictures. Very nice.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  16. Hello, oddly enough I was looking on the internet for info on my granpda Alex Lucas (Valliant,OK). I came across your photo in this section. Do you know if they were friends or if they are related? I am trying to fill out my Lucas Family tree but I cant find anything about his parents or family since he was an orphan.

    Krystal Lucas

    1. Oh....and he also moved to Modesto, CA...where my dad and siblings were all born. They did eventually come back to Valliant though in the late 1950's.